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bad horror movies are my lifeblood, like for real who proofreads those things and is just, “yeah, that’ll fly”

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so i post occasionally post some things about american police and how that part of the legal system has some major issues, but i got pulled over yesterday and the officer that pulled me over was very nice and professional. he made me do a roadside sobriety test, but he let me take my time and try to calm down (i was on the verge of a panic attack and shaking so hard i couldn’t stand). he was nice and calm and reassuring and i genuinely felt like he was just making sure i wasn’t putting myself or anyone else in danger. on top of everything he let me off with a warning for my broken registration light and forgetting my license. so as important as it is to spread the word about cops who are just shitty, we also need to give credit to the ones that actually protect and serve.

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petition for a show to have a main character passionately craft a metaphor relating their situation to how they see someone else’s and then the second person just be like, “no thats not really how it is at all”