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c’mon people like seriously, not all land mines are forgotten about or misplaced and eventually blow innocent people’s limbs off
I personally know a land mine that hasn’t even exploded at all. you humanitarians are all the same, putting people before munitions

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If you didn’t cut last night, I’m proud of you. 

If you didn’t purge last night, I’m proud of you. 

If you ate something last night, I’m proud of you. 

If you calmed yourself down during an anxiety attack, I’m proud of you.

If you didn’t let the bullies get to you, I’m proud of you. 

If you stayed alive for another night, I’m proud of you. 

on this edition of things my parents should’ve said…

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One day West will be too big to sit on Misha’s shoulders and I will be sad.

But knowing Misha that’s not gonna stop him.

ok, so this hurt me a lot. my dad used to carry me around like that and now i never see him and its like even worse because he gave me this breast cancer awareness calendar and they used his picture for june and he just looks so much older now and i will never get my younger dad back, i will never get to do that again, and apparently i will never stop crying.

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totalweeniepushover asked: Hello fiancee ! Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself. Then pass this on to your 10 favourite followers who are all billy


Well gee whiz

1. I’ve been in gymnastics since I was four and I’ve been teaching it for the past seven years whoop
2. SPEAKING OF GYMNASTICS I blew out my knee my sophomore year during a meet and we have it on video and it’s hilarious tbh
3. I have a huge irrational fear of moths I have zero problem with butterflies but moths scare the everloving shit out of me
4. I own four copies of The Two Towers because I have a proBLEM
5. Me and this nerd are gonna have a lord of the rings themed wedding and it’s gonna be goddamn beautiful and fucking heartwarming

i was told once i could play ‘Concerning Hobbits’ at this wedding

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